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Open QuoteWe have used Composite Notile Panels in hospitals, health clinics and schools for the past few years. It is easily installed, can easily be cut to size and you don’t get the problem with the grout going black our time.End Quote
R Walker & Sons (Preston) Ltd

Ballistic Panels

We produce protective ballistic panels, from UK produced raw materials, in our own factory. The panels are capable of defeating a 9mm hand gun/ .357 magnum/ .44 magnum/ shotgun/ 5.56 rifle and 7.62 rifle NATO ball round and are tested ballistically against BS 5051 (1988) and are certified by independent testing agencies.

Quality You Can Be Sure Of

CFM Ltd only uses one quality of woven roving in our own ballistic panels. This is the best performing material on the market as it takes fewer layers to stop the projectile. We do not use cheaper glass fibre in our panels and compensate by adding more layers.

Certain high performance panels produced on our plant perform better than our competitor's, when tested at the range, due to the high quality and high standards of our products.

panel sizes

Panel Sizes

The panels are manufactured from 6mm to 40mm thick in glass fibre/aramid fibre using polyester/phenolic/vinyl ester resins, and up to 3.0 metres in length and 2.5metres in width. The panels can be cut down to suit your requirements.

Protective Panels

Typically the ballistic panels have been used in the walls of banks, building societies, security vehicles, on MoD ships and free standing ATM machines and many other high risk areas.

Work With You

CFM Ltd will work with you in confidence to help design the product to defeat the threat either in flat sheet ballistic armour or moulded shapes.